walkabout . san juan creek

i picked up my camera this evening, cranked some explosions in the sky on the ipod, and took a little trip down san juan creek to the beach. i used to do this a lot more often- walk around for no particular reason with camera in hand. i won't usually end up with anything ground-breaking, but there's something so good about looking at the details every once in a while. I aught to remember this more often.

new blog

woo! so i'm super pumped to finally get this new blog rolling. It's been on the to-do list for a while, and it's so nice to get these kinds of things up and running. all the hacking at the css code can become a bit nerve wracking, but it's so worth it. hope you like the new look and functionality! i figured i'd kick things off, in similar fashion to the original blog, with a couple of personal images. these are two of my favs, so i figure i'd share. 'lunar' and 'autumns siege,' respectively.

and if you want to go old school and check out the previous blog, you can still find it at www.hughforte.blogspot.com.