something heavy

moment of clarityThere was nothing profound about this scene when I captured it. I'd just glanced up from watching my feet make their way down the sidewalk when I saw this lady about to cross the street, lifted my camera and released. I underexposed the shot pretty badly in camera, but looking back on it now, there's something heavy and distinctly Prague-esque about the light, because of it. Makes me miss the travels. Let's go back.

Prague, Czech Republic

head scratcher

Well, I'm back. Coming home is so bittersweet. It's so good to see the family and the girlfriend and the dogs, but it's hard to bid the road and the spontaneity of traveling adieu. Such is life. Thank you so much for all the dropped lines while I was away; I'm hitting the emails hard and I'll get back to you shortly, now. Three weeks of daily inspirations yielded a daunting number of images, and while I wanted to put together a little series for the blog, time management dictated that the inbox takes precedence. So, I'll be leaking a frame or two every once in a while to add a little variety to the posts. A frame from the road...

headscratcherNorrmalm, Stockholm, Sweden