darrell + jorden

where to start? darrell and i have sailed around the world, braved the winelands of south africa, conquered le pus, survived indian food (in india), and claimed just about everything we could along the way. that may not make whole lot sense to everyone, but a nostalgic grin might just be spreading itself across your face if you were there. needless to say, i was kinda pumped when he got in touch with me and asked if i'd shoot his and jorden's engagement session. heck yes! i hadn't seen darrell in a few years so i was looking forward to catching up a bit, not to mention i was finally going to meet that jordan girl i had heard so much about on our semester at sea. what follows are a few images of one of the cooler couples i've pointed a camera at. ahoy.

brandon + lacey

k, two things: one, lacey, brandon and i shanghaied the pilgrim and took it for a spin around the harbor for their engagement session! two, i totally just lied. but we did shoot up the harbor round-a-bout the aforementioned boat- ship- sorry. annnnyway, lacey and brandon were killer, they were up for just about anything and super fun to shoot. here's some of the action: