I wish the Flux Capacitor was real so that Brandon and Lacey's wedding could go back to the future so I could shoot it all over again. Whoa.brandonlacey_01brandonlacey_02brandonlacey_03brandonlacey_04brandonlacey_05brandonlacey_06brandonlacey_07brandonlacey_08brandonlacey_10brandonlacey_11brandonlacey_12brandonlacey_09brandonlacey_13brandonlacey_14brandonlacey_15brandonlacey_16brandonlacey_17brandonlacey_18brandonlacey_19brandonlacey_20 And a big thanks to the talented Mr. Morgan for riding shotgun, bring up the rear and charging this wedding day like a charger.