approach Ultimately, wedding photography is not about the pictures.

It’s about the wedding.

What truly matters is the joining of two lives and the legacy of the people who are there to celebrate that. What matters about wedding photography is the way the pictures make you feel. What they encourage and inspire you to remember.

My aim is not only to create images that are unique, interesting and worthy in their own form, but to document a story - to play a subtle roll, somewhere in the background of the wedding day. So that when you think back on your wedding day, you won’t remember me as the vendor you hired to take pictures of stuff and things, but as a friend who quietly celebrated you and your spouse's union by tucking away moments throughout the day. Moments you were in the middle of, and moments you never even saw. So that you can look back on them, days, months, and many years later and be reminded of what that day was.

That is what matters about wedding photography, and that is what my hope for your wedding photography is.